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Eye Surgeon Direct is an innovative, state-of-the-art direct surgical specialty care and direct patient care comprehensive ophthalmology practice in San Antonio, TX, founded and led by our board-certified ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon, Kristin S. Held, M.D. Dr. Held strives to provide outstanding, individualized care to each patient that visits Eye Surgeon Direct at an affordable, transparent cost. Your appointment will be scheduled quickly, at your convenience, and Dr. Held will spend all the time with you necessary to address each of your issues thoroughly to your satisfaction. With a perfect mix of the latest eye care techniques and treatments, friendly and skilled staff, ADA-friendly rooms, on-site laser and procedure rooms, and trusted optical shop, patients can enjoy the convenience of most eye services they need in one easy spot. If you require a routine eye exam, eyeglasses and contact lens fitting, LASIK, PRK, or Refractive Lens Exchange, or a more complex treatment for glaucoma, cataracts, or other condition, our experienced,compassionate team is ready to help you live more comfortably. Dr. Held performs laser vision correction at Alamo Laser Vision, a high-tech laser center she co-founded in 1999, and she performs surgical procedures requiring anesthesia at the Methodist Ambulatory Surgical Center North Central, just steps away from the office in Stone Oak. From a simple eye infection or injury to a complex second opinion or surgery, Dr. Held and her staff are there for you. Contact us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Held at Eye Surgeon Direct for personalized, advanced technology eye surgery, laser vision correction, and lifelong comprehensive eye care focused directly on you. 

What makes our practice model personalized, innovative, and unique is that it is a surgical specialty practice that offers the highest quality care at the lowest possible price, a price that is transparent and affordable. The services are customized specifically for you, and you know what the cost of the service will be upfront. The services are not delayed or denied, and the price is not set by middlemen at large insurance corporations or bureaucrats at government agencies. Our model is centered on the patient-physician relationship and shared decision-making, where the focus is on you. You are in control of your medical decisions and healthcare spending with your best interest in mind. These decisions are too important to be made by bureaucrats involved in our dysfunctional healthcare system that consists of money games, hidden fees, over-billing, cost-shifting, and rationing to benefit their bottom line. Without all the third party interference and profiteering, the cost of your care, including surgery, goes from cost prohibitive to surprisingly affordable. We have no agreements with these middlemen, our only agreement and allegiance is to you. 

If you do not have insurance, no problem, we are honored to see you. With the exorbitant cost of monthly premiums these days, many cannot afford to even buy insurance.

If you do have commercial insurance, you can still choose to see us even though we are not "in-network." If you desire, we can help you try to use your "out-of-network" benefits optimally, but in this day and age of high deductibles, huge co-pays, and high cost-sharing, using your insurance could end up costing more and limiting your choices. And remember, coverage is not care. If you can't see a specialist or have surgery without pre-approval or if it takes weeks or months, that is not acceptable. 

If you have Medicare or Medicaid and cannot get in with a specialist or surgeon for weeks or months, or if Medicare or Medicaid do not cover services and advanced technology you need or want, we can see you and care for you. Medicare patients will need to sign an agreement that they are privately contracting outside Medicare for services. If you have been with your doctor for 20 years, why should you have to leave your doctor just because you turned 65. The patient-physician relationship matters. We hope you will choose to continue our valuable relationship.

There is value in you having a true, lifelong relationship with a physician and surgeon that knows you and your medical history, gets you in quickly when you need to be seen, provides you with state-of-the-art care at a cost you can afford, with you in the driver's seat.

If you have a health savings account or other health sharing arrangement, we can help you use your benefits optimally. Don't let it be said you can't see us, because "we don't take your insurance." The truth is, we CAN and Will see you, no matter what your situation, on your terms, not theirs, because our only agreements are with you, our patients. The bureaucracy at the corporate and government levels made up the notions of "networks," formularies, prior-authorizations, step-edits, covered services, delays, denials, and countless other impediments to your medical care to benefit their entities, not you. That is not care. At Eye Surgeon Direct, we are here to care for you. To those who say, "We can't see you, you don't take our insurance," we say: "You CAN see us, We Take YOU!" That is care.

Please schedule your appointment with Dr. Held for "Personalized, Advanced-Technology Eye Surgery, Laser Vision Correction, and Lifelong Comprehensive Eye Care Focused on You." 

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