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What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism refers to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens that distorts light and prevents it from properly reaching the retina in one sharp point of focus. Patients who have astigmatism can have difficulties seeing up close and distant items. Astigmatism is a common condition that may occur in conjunction with nearsightedness or farsightedness. Astigmatism symptoms generally include blurry vision, eye fatigue, squinting, and trouble seeing at night. At Eye Surgeon Direct in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Kristin Held has extensive experience diagnosing and treating astigmatism. If you or a family member have astigmatism, Dr. Held can perform an eye exam and fit you with prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses that improve your eyesight. She can also correct your astigmatism with corneal or lens laser surgery. She can also tell you if you are not a good candidate for surgery. A severe form of astigmatism can be caused by an underlying corneal condition called keratoconus. Kearatoconus needs to be diagnosed early, so that it can be treated early to stop the progression.

How is astigmatism treated?

We can treat astigmatism very easily; however, those with minor astigmatism tend to have the best results by leaving it untreated. Patients who have more severe astigmatism may require some form of vision correction. Based on your needs, Dr. Held will go over your options, like contacts, eyeglasses, or refractive surgery. For patients who want refractive surgery, in-depth consultation to assess corneal tissue thickness and the unique shape of their astigmatism is required. No matter the treatment option, Dr. Held’s first step is to complete a comprehensive eye exam and develop a strategy. Quite often, most patients select contact lenses or glasses for their needs.

enhance your vision

Please schedule a routine eye exam for more information about your astigmatism, and let Dr. Held help you attain sharper vision. At Eye Surgeon Direct in San Antonio, we proudly offer effective and safe solutions that go above and beyond your eye care goals. You also have the convenience of undergoing refractive surgery or selecting eyeglasses all in one spot. Dr. Held and her team look forward to helping you achieve your best vision.

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