Medical and Laser Treatments for Glaucoma in San Antonio, TX

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About Medical and Laser Treatments for Glaucoma

At Eye Surgeon Direct in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Kristin Held proudly performs innovative medical and laser treatments for glaucoma. Depending on the option you need, Dr. Held uses laser-assisted technology, prescription eye drops, or a combination of these options to reduce internal eye pressure. With medical and laser treatments for glaucoma, men and women can address this disease with safe, effective, and fast therapies. Please call our San Antonio, TX eye center to schedule your eye exam. With early detection of glaucoma, we can reduce the chances of partial or total vision loss.

What to expect with medical or laser treatment for glaucoma

Dr. Held has extensive experience helping diagnose glaucoma and treat the symptoms with medical treatments or laser surgery. These methods will allow us to manage your intraocular pressure, reduce damage to the optical nerve, and prevent the chances of blind spots or total blindness. The primary candidates for these types of treatments:

  • Have both glaucoma and cataracts
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Are living with mild, moderate, or severe glaucoma

Once Dr. Held has decided that a patient is a good candidate for glaucoma treatments, she can discuss the best options. Patients may benefit from various treatments, and it depends on the severity of each person's case. At first, you may receive more conservative options, like eye drops or medications. For patients who need more complex procedures, we may perform a trabeculectomy or utilize laser therapy. No matter the treatment, all patients will receive detailed information to ensure they feel comfortable and knowledgeable.


Fewer than 15 years ago, patients experiencing the more advanced glaucoma stages had only one option for treatment. However, medical and laser treatments now allow ophthalmologists to perform multiple techniques to help patients control their glaucoma. Please reach out to Eye Surgeon Direct to schedule an eye exam with our highly skilled team, and easily manage your intraocular pressure.

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