Information About Eye Health Services

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Eye exams assess your overall eye health by diagnosing eye conditions, examining your internal eye structures, and reviewing your visual acuity.

Nearsightedness or myopia stops patients from clearly seeing things at a distance and may require contact lenses, glasses, or LASIK surgery to treat.

Commonly known as farsightedness, hyperopia hinders patients' abilities to see things up close and may require corrective treatment, like glasses.

Hindering close-range eyesight, presbyopia is a natural condition that impacts patients 40+ years old, which requires corrective lenses, like readers.

Astigmatism happens if the lens or cornea is curved abnormally, causing blurred vision, squinting, or headaches, which requires corrective treatments.

If you suffer from painful symptoms caused by pink eye, styes, or blepharitis, we can diagnose and treat the issues with eye drops or antibiotics.

Eye allergies can cause weepiness, itchiness, and redness, which prevent you from living comfortably and require daily contact lenses or eye drops.

Dry eye syndrome occurs because of an imbalance or underproduction of tears, causes extreme discomfort, and often requires professional eye care.

Contact lenses and eyeglasses can address nearsightedness, farsightedness, and age-related vision problems with the proper prescription and fit.

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