Traditional Cataract Surgery in San Antonio, TX

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Traditional Cataract Surgery

Regarded as both incredibly safe and exceedingly beneficial, traditional cataract surgery is one of the most frequently completed eye treatments across the world. Dr. Kristin Held, an expert San Antonio, TX eye doctor at Eye Surgeon Direct, is extremely skilled at both traditional and laser cataract surgery. She can decide which treatment works best by completing comprehensive diagnostic tests, reviewing your health, and analyzing your medical history and individual visual needs. The only major difference between these cataract operations is Dr. Held manually operating using surgical tools versus laser-assisted technology. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristin Held for more details about cataract surgery. 

What should I expect with traditional cataract surgery?

If you have good overall health, you typically qualify for traditional cataract surgery. Certain kinds of astigmatism, a detached retina, or macular degeneration may impact your eligibility. However, Dr. Held will perform a thorough examination of your cataracts and discuss any previous medical issues to determine if traditional cataract surgery works best for you.

Only taking about 10 minutes per eye, Dr. Held will administer numbing drops, place an eye speculum to keep you from blinking, and create a tiny incision near the perimeter of your cornea. Next, she uses a small device to access the lens and break it apart with ultrasonic waves, then she replaces it with a new artificial lens. Because the opening is so small, you won’t require stitches, and it will heal on its own. Following your procedure, you may have some distorted vision, but this will go away in a few hours. For proper healing, we recommend closely following your aftercare instructions, which may include eye drops, an eye shield, tips on sleeping, and avoiding strenuous activities. You will also need to attend follow-up appointments, so Dr. Held can assess your recovery progress.

Say Goodbye to Cataracts

At Eye Surgeon Direct, Dr. Held's primary goal is to maximize your eyesight and total ocular health. Our team is here to help you receive all the eye care you might need. If you have cataracts or believe you have the typical symptoms, please call our San Antonio, TX eye care center to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Held, and discover all treatment possibilities, including this proven and effective sight-saving procedure.

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