Keratoconus in San Antonio, TX

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About Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a progressive corneal condition that hinders an individual’s eyesight. Caused by the decline in your cornea’s strength and structure, the cornea is the clear covering that goes over your eye. It helps bend and refract light so it accurately reaches your retina. If the cornea starts to weaken, it can bulge and make a cone shape. Because of this, your eye has difficulty getting light, and your vision will appear blurry or warped. You may inherit this disease, but it can also happen because of injuries, medical conditions, and intense UV exposure. Often, one of the first symptoms of keratoconus is vision changes that are not fixed with prescription glasses or contacts. Please contact Eye Surgeon Direct in San Antonio, TX to meet with Dr. Kristin Held so she can perform an eye exam and get to the root of your vision problem.

What to Expect with Keratoconus treatments

Dr. Held will start by completing a thorough eye exam to determine if you have keratoconus. Over time, your vision will progressively become worse because the cornea bulges and turns more cone-shaped. Depending on the severity, Dr. Held provides several procedures to treat keratoconus. For patients in the early stages of keratoconus, we may try glasses or contacts to improve their vision. However, as your eyesight becomes worse, you may require more complex treatments, like corneal cross-linking or a corneal transplant. During your appointment, Dr. Held will answer all of your questions and take the time you need so you feel confident about the next steps in your treatment. Finally, each patient receives a unique plan that aligns with their corneal health needs.

Keratoconus Is Treatable

Undergoing routine eye exams are essential to your overall eye health. During these vital appointments, we can detect issues, like keratoconus. This condition can significantly affect your eyesight and may cause blurriness or distorted vision. Please schedule an appointment at Eye Surgeon Direct if your prescription eyeglasses or contacts do not provide relief from blurry vision. It could indicate keratoconus, which requires a different form of treatment. Dr. Held, an award-winning, San Antonio, TX eye doctor, can manage the condition and perform more complex treatments if needed.

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