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What is refractive surgery?

Refractive surgery, commonly known as LASIK, PRK, and refractive lens exchange, is a set of treatments that enhance your vision and decrease your need for glasses or contacts. If you dream of waking up without requiring glasses or contacts to see, refractive surgery could be a great option for you. Focused on your needs while providing high-quality care, Dr. Kristin Held will work with you to select the best treatment strategy based on your preferences and lifestyle needs. Please schedule an appointment at our San Antonio, TX eye care center to learn more about these innovative eye procedures, and live more comfortably without glasses, fog from masks, or dry contacts after a night out.

What should I expect from refractive surgery?

At Eye Surgeon Direct, Dr. Held completes several types of refractive eye treatments, including:

  • LASIK is one of the most common treatment options for eye conditions, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Using laser-assisted technology, Dr. Held can precisely treat your cornea so you have sharper vision. Two different lasers are used, the first is used to create an ultra-thin hinged flap of corneal tissue to be lifted up and then secured back into position after the second laser reshapes the cornea to treat the refractive error. 
  • PRK works well for patients who do not qualify for LASIK because their corneal tissue is too thin, they suffer from recurrent abrasions or dry eyes, or they have specific life style needs. Different from LASIK, PRK removes the epithelium, then treats the curvature of your cornea on the surface instead of under a thin flap of corneal tissue.
  • Refractive lens exchange is often used for patients over 45 to 50 with significant refractive errors who have already lost their ability to focus from presbyopia and in patients with early cataracts that also need help with severe nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, or  in patients with high correctionas and thin corneas. We completely remove your natural lens and replace it with an artificial lens or intraocular lens.

Based on what we discussed during the consultation, you will receive a unique treatment plan designed specifically for you that outlines the cost of LASIK, PRK, or refractive lens exchange.


While not always needed, refractive surgery may significantly enhance people’s lives by decreasing the need for wearing glasses or contacts. You’d no longer have to worry about foggy glasses or dry contacts in the morning, which can help you live more comfortably. To find out more, please schedule an appointment with our San Antonio, TX eye doctor to learn more about your options. Dr. Held and her team look forward to assisting you with your eye care needs.

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