Cataracts Explained in San Antonio, TX

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About Cataracts

As part of the natural aging process, cataracts develop because the proteins in our natural lenses begin to break down or bunch together. Generally, the condition starts to develop somewhere between 40 – 50 years of age, but most people don’t experience any symptoms before their 60s. Causing fogginess, glare, and other uncomfortable symptoms, cataracts result in your eyesight getting progressively worse because light cannot accurately reach the retina. Ultimately, this degeneration of your lens leads to vision impairment, and if not treated in time, it can cause blindness. Fortunately, the vision loss is reversible. At Eye Surgeon Direct, Dr. Kristin Held can detect, manage, and treat your cataracts. Cataracts typically develop relatively slowly over time, so patients in the initial stages may be unaware they are slowly losing vision. Sometimes cataracts develop more quickly, like in patients who have uncontrolled diabetes or who take steroids.  This condition is another reason why receiving comprehensive eye exams regularly is imperative to your overall ocular health. Please reach out to our San Antonio, TX facility today to schedule a comprehensive exam.

Is Cataract treatment right for you?

Developing cataracts is an inevitable part of aging, like getting gray hair. Occurring in all people, you may experience them earlier because of familial, behavioral and health issues, like smoking, high blood sugar levels, and taking certain medications. Cataract symptoms may include:

  • Having trouble seeing, even while wearing prescription glasses
  • Requiring a brighter light to read
  • Having trouble seeing at night
  • Experiencing an abnormal glare or halos
  • Seeing with an overall yellowish tint

Dr. Held will conduct a series of diagnostic tests, such as a visual acuity test, slit lamp exam, brightness acuity test, and pupil dilation. These tests will give her a better idea of your overall eye health, allow her to diagnose your cataracts, and develop a treatment plan. Based on your assessment and severity of your cataracts, your treatment plan may include prescription eyeglasses, traditional cataract surgery, laser cataract surgery, and appropriate cataract lens options. No matter the decision, all patients receive a customized plan that works for their needs.

Clear Vision After Cataracts

For women and men who notice any cataract symptoms or who haven’t received a comprehensive eye exam for more than two years, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kristin Held at Eye Surgeon Direct in San Antonio, TX. Especially for people older than 40, scheduling comprehensive eye exams at least every two years is key to detecting and managing cataracts or other eye conditions. AT 60, you should schedule yearly exams. With an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Held can create a customized plan to help you deal with your cataracts.

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