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About Presbyopia

Once an individual reaches the age of 40, their close-up vision can begin to decline. This vision change is called presbyopia, and it impacts patients' abilities to focus on up-close objects. Presbyopia is a normal part of the aging process. As we age, the proteins within the eye's lens start to thicken and become less flexible. Age also changes the muscle fibers encircling the lens. They slowly grow weaker and less responsive. Nearly everyone, even those who had great vision their whole lives, starts to notice that they have to hold food packaging or other items further away to read them well. Many also suffer from headaches or aching eyes. If you have age-related blurred vision, our San Antonio, TX eye doctor, Dr. Kristin Held, offers a range of options to treat your eyesight. If you think you may have presbyopia, please schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Eye Surgeon Direct so we can help you attain your sharpest vision.

What should I expect with Farsightedness Treatment?

People who experience presbyopia often first realize that they can no longer see items up close. A common sign of age-related vision impairment is holding objects further and further away to read them. You may also experience headaches or aching eyes after writing or using a mobile device. Dr. Held will complete a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose presbyopia, treat the condition, and determine the correct prescription. Additionally, because presbyopia is a vision impairment that impacts your lens, we may use special eye drops to dilate your pupils and view your internal eye structures.

When it comes to presbyopia treatment, most people control age-related vision impairment with eyeglasses using specially made lenses. These may include bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, cheaters, or multifocal contacts. Presbyopia, when combined with hyperopi, myopia, or astigmatism, can even be treated with laser refractive surgery such as monovision LASIK, PRK, or refractive lens exchange in many cases. Dr. Held can help you select the best treatment option for your condition and lifestyle preferences.


A decline in close-up vision, particularly in patients over the age of 40, is almost always presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural, age-related refractive error. This condition is common and manageable with the right lenses. At Eye Surgeon Direct, Dr. Kristin Held can help you reduce the challenges of presbyopia. Please contact us today at our San Antonio, TX eye center for your comprehensive eye exam.

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