Corneal Diseases and Disorders in San Antonio, TX

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About Corneal Diseases and Disorders

The cornea is a clear film that covers the top part of your eye. This important eye structure refracts and bends light so it lands correctly on the retina. Sometimes, diseases, disorders, injuries, lesions, ulcers, foreign body removal, and scar tissue can impact your cornea’s health. All of these conditions cause discomfort and may affect your overall ocular health. At Eye Surgeon Direct, Dr. Kristin Held can diagnose and treat a variety of corneal problems. Please schedule an appointment with our skilled San Antonio, TX eye doctor to learn more or if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms.

How are cornea diseases and disorders treated?

When it comes to diseases and disorders of the cornea, the eye care community classifies them into five different categories. These include allergies, infections, trauma to the eye, dry eye, and corneal dystrophies. Caused by genetics, environmental conditions, specific medicines, lifestyle choices, workplace issues, or underlying health conditions, you may have an increased risk for a corneal disease or disorder. If Dr. Held suspects a corneal problem, she will perform a comprehensive eye exam or diagnostic tests to select the best treatment options. Your treatment will depend on the type of disorder or disease and may include specialized eye drops, artificial corneas, laser treatment, or corneal transplant surgery.

Expert Corneal Care

If you have started experiencing problems with your eyesight and think it might be a corneal condition, please call Eye Surgeon Direct to schedule a consultation. Dr. Kristin Held is skilled at managing corneal conditions and reducing discomfort caused by the symptoms. She can complete a thorough eye exam that indicates what’s wrong and provide expert treatment options. We encourage you to reach out to our eye clinic in San Antonio, TX to learn more.

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